Best Domain Name Seller for Beginners

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Looking for the best domain name seller in 2022? A lot of domain name seller out there but which should you choose from?

Oops, it is very disturbing to choose among the long list of domain name sellers out there.

If you visit Google and type in “domain name seller,” on page one, you will see a minimum of six domain name seller sites.

On page two, there is also a minimum of six. How about page three, four down to page fifty?

I guess you are confused now. Well, I was there.

There was a time I didn’t even know what a domain name was and who to buy from.

To confuse me more, I went to Google to search for it, which led to more confusion.

Then I started buying domain names from different sellers.

I bought a domain from one seller once, and after some time the name disappeared from my account.

It was a terrible experience, I guess, but who knows? I might write this article someday.

So in order to avoid the things that I went through, I wrote this article for you.

Let me give a brief explanation of what a domain name is before I give the list out.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a username your website bears. It is that simple.

Okay, let’s not get it messed up. A domain name is your address online, given in URL form.

A proper example of a domain name is or

Okay, let’s keep it short. I will explain it better in my next blog post on how to build a real estate website.

What are the best domain name resellers for 2022 and beyond

I will break this part into two. This will be in the form of international and local domain name extensions.

Hold on, what is TDL? Tdl is simply the extension at the end of a domain. It can be a .com, .net,, .org e.t.c

Since my top readers are both international and local, let me start with global domain name sellers.

Also, one reason I segment this is due to the fact that most international domain sellers don’t sell local country TDL extensions.

Best Domain Name Seller in 2022
Best Domain Name Seller in 2022

For international domain names

  1. Bluehost: most recommended and very recommended.

Their prices are cheap, and their payment gateways are super easy to navigate through.

I rank Bluehost due to their payment stressless process and how cheap their domain name is.

Ps: Using my affiliate link, you get up to a 30% discount, and if you register as an affiliate with them using this Bluehost affiliate link, you get up to $65.

Try BlueHost with a 30% discount. note that I can proudly promote bluehost to you because i have tested their service.

  1. Namecheap: these guys rock when it comes to domain name sales.

testing their platform for over 2 years, their domain name is properly managed, and they have one of the best customer care services ever.

Another reason I like them is that their platform is very secure. They contact you immediately if there is a compromise or report of your domain name.

Try out NameCheap with a 20% discount on your first domain name.

Also, you get a free domain name if you purchase a web host with them.

Try a NameCheap domain name with my NameCheap affiliate link.

  1. Stable Host: You might have come across their ads claiming they are one of the best.

Well, they are actually one of the best. Their domain name services are quite okay.

Getting a premium domain name with a stable host for your client should be put into consideration. Their domains start as low as $1.

  1. Name: If there is one company that has ever used ads to get my attention until I tried them, it is

The name is also great. Their services are quite good, and you can trust them with your client.

I sometimes prefer when I get clients from a country like India.

I mainly separate my domain name registrars for easy identification. Also, you might want to check out their domain packages. Superb.

  1. This is another trusted domain name reseller or registrar you can count on.

Their prices are okay and not too on the low side but average for top company’s website. is also a good choice for beginners.

  1. Inmotion: The last and best domain name seller is

These guys are the coupon lords. They give you cups beyond your imagination.

With them, you can get a domain for as low as $2.99 per year.

This season, Inmotion is doing a 25% off sale and 25% off.COM domains, so you can hit them up.

Now let’s talk about where to get domain names for local or country TDL extensions.

Being from Nigeria, I am just going to cover the ones I have tried that are working perfectly.

Note, that there are a lot of complications around this, and so, in this post, I will only talk about focusing on getting a domain name from them.

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If you want to know if their web hosting program is OK, you can check out my other post on the best web hosting companies.

Some businesses benefit from a domain name but struggle with hosting. so please be sure to follow accordingly.

The best domain name seller for local TDL

For my number one choice domain name seller, I will start with:

Qservers: QServer is a major trusted domain name vendor that is well-tested and trusted.

I buy almost all my local domain extensions from them. Their services are good, and their customer care is superb.

I wouldn’t want to write much about them here as I plan to create a longer post because of their services.

Try out qServer with my affiliate link, and come back and thank me later.

Whogohost: This company has been noted for some issues over the past few years, but I guess they have bounced back.

Whogohost is better when it comes to cheap domain names for local extensions.

Despite people’s bad reviews of the company, I have worked with them and they are okay with domain names.

for web hosting? I think you will find out my thoughts on the best web hosting companies.

I have about 5 domain names with whogohost, and each website is working fine.

Use this link to get a premium domain name at a lesser price.

I guess these are the best domain name sellers, according to my research. If you think any of the above doesn’t deserve this page, let me know in the comments area.

Also, I would like to know: which is your favorite domain name seller? give me the answer in the comment box.

Before we wrap this up, let’s take a look at some questions people also ask.

What are the best domain seller in 2022?

The best domain name seller for the year 2022 would be:

  1. Bluehost
  2. Namecheap

How do I sell a domain name?

You can sell a domain name on any domain name market.

I guess NameCheap has a marketplace where you can sell domains.

You can try that out as NameCheap gets a lot of search traffic monthly.

Can someone sell my domain name?

I don’t think it is possible, but a domain company holds the right to revoke your ownership of a domain name if fraud is detected or the domain name is reported.

Does it matter where you buy your domain name?

Yes, it does matter. Some companies will give you trouble and make your website unreachable.

Better use the ones on the list than come back to give me your experience.

How much does a domain name cost?

A domain name can range in price from $2.99 per month to infinity.

Also, I have come across domain names whose prices begin at $1.5.

It all depends on the extension and the company you are buying from.

I want to call this a rap, but it isn’t a complete post if I don’t give you this: How to make six figures from web design.

Also, for the already-professional designer, learn how to find clients using this strategy.

I hope this post length didn’t trouble you. Let’s get to know your experience if you have any. Which domain name company have you tried, and how did it end?

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