What is the Best Web Hosting for Small Business Owners

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Small business owners, are you looking for a reliable web host for your business?

Do you own or have decided to start your own business and you realized that you need to be online?

This Blog post will explain why you need reliable web hosting and the best ones to choose from.

When I started my web design business, I started with a premium host, being a freelancer for some time, I understand what and where to go.

 I escaped the web hosting Truman which people go through just to get their business online.

Today I will show you the step-by-step guide I took to starting mine.

You too can follow my process and build a reliable small business website without going through the web host trouble.

Why you need a web host as a small business owner

A web host helps you provide means and methods to promote your business online.

Without a web host, you cannot actually build a website that is visible to the public.

Lastly, a customer cannot reach out to you properly without proper information about your business.

With a web host, you can build a powerful website, create a company email and manage your customer database.

In total summary, a web host provides you with the basic infrastructure to get more visibility online.

What to consider when choosing a web host for your small business

There are a few things to consider when choosing a web host for your business

  • Web hosting speed 
  • Customer care services
  • Uptime 

These are the 3 main things to consider when buying a web hosting account.

What is the best web hosting for your small business

From my account, here are the best website hosting to pick from

  • Namecheap: Cheapest Web Hosting Company in the world
  • Bluehost: Fastest web hosting in the world
  • Qserver: Most used Local Web Hosting Company

Also, each of these web hostings contains affiliate links and if you purchase with these links, you will be practically supporting me.

What is the Best Web Hosting for Small Business Owners

So here are the ones I have tried and how they worked out for me.

1. Namecheap.com: Namecheap is my first choice, I have used them since 2016. 

 They have been good to my businesses, with premium customer care services.

They also have a great Uptime and speed that support my business.

2. Bluehost.com: Bluehost was my second choice. They work perfectly.

I enjoy their WordPress host very much and I consider them the best when it comes to WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting is a type of hosting that uses WordPress CMS. 

The third one is what I uses for local hosting.

3. Qservers.net: qservers has been my number one choice for local businesses.

I have a minimum of 8 online businesses with them.

I choose them for my local host because of their support. they are the best web hosting company for small business owners living in nigeria, looking for local TDL.

Although they have their weakness, I consider them to be one of the best in Nigeria.

Those are the major three I make use of.

Which should you get started with? We will talk about that later on. Read on.

How much does it cost to own a small business website


Building a small business website can be done from the angle of who is building it.

If you are building it yourself, you online need to purchase a web hosting account and a domain name.

You can see the best domain name sellers in the world to get started.

Considering you are getting it from my affiliate link(proudly Namecheap partner)

You get to build your website for as low as $35 (an unbeatable price).

That is the least you can get anywhere.

You can then start building with any website builder of your choice.

If you choose WordPress, then you should ensure to check this link for a good template.

Envato template can help your business grow with an awesome template that doesn’t require you to start from scratch.


this can cause you from at least $500 to $5000 depending on who is working for you.

You can trust my agency to do the job for you.

We charge you from as low as $500 to build a well customize small web business website.

WordPress hosting vs shared hosting for small business owners

Building a website with WordPress can either be done with a shared host or a WordPress web host.

For a small business, I would encourage you to get started with a shared host.

If you were building a blog, it would have been okay to choose WordPress directly.

Cpanel gives you a lot of personal customization.

Cpanel can work only from shared hosting.

So for your small business, It would be nice to start from shared hosting.

Best website Builder and hosting for small business 

The best website builder for the small business owners that is using WordPress is elementor page builder.

Elementor is a premium page builder for the 21st-century web designers.

It has simple drag-and-drop features that you can use to build your small business website.

Elementor comes with a free plan and a paid plan. 

You can get started with the free plan and upgrade to the paid plan anytime.


building a website requires a web host and a domain name.

Most six figures web designers understand this.

To start a small business website, you need to get a web host and if you want something static, learn to build a static website with ease.

I hope this article has set you on the pace of getting your small business web host running.

Please let me know your thoughts and support us by sharing this article with your friends.

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