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Web Design Questions and Answers: These are questions regarding web design, it brings solutions to problems and questions that have to do with websites.

These categories Web Design Questions and Answers that have to do with the following:

What do Web designers do? …
What is meant by Web design? …
What is good Web design? …
What’s the difference between web design and web development? …
How do I start a website? …
How many types of web design are there? …
Why do we need responsive web design?

Web Design Question Example:
1. Mention what some bad examples of web design are?

Blinking, spinning or flashing images
Black background with white, light or pale text
Black backgrounds with dark text
Busy tiled background images with any color text
Everything Centered
Too many images or Huge images
List of links
Too many headlines or Blinking text

2. What are the 3 types of web design?

Web designing is of three kinds, to be specific static, dynamic or CMS and eCommerce.

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