Do I Need Coding for Web Design?

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Do web designers need coding? This is a very pressing question for most beginner developers and web designers. Do I need to learn coding to become a professional web designer? All of that will be treated in this blog post.

When people hear the term “web designer,” the first thought that enters their mind is a bunch of codes moving together to form a website.

That can be absolutely true or not. It depends on who is building the website and the software that is required. When you decide to learn how to build a website, the first thing to consider is the platform.

Web-design platform or software that you want to be a master of. There are a lot of platforms, and each of them isn’t better than the other. They are all useful in their own way.

In the post From website platform to master, I gave a complete guide to this. You should read it when you complete this. Let me give a trash lecture here.

The list of website platforms, or so I consider it, includes WordPress, Wix, Code, Shopify, Square Space, and other developing platforms.

do i need coding for web design?

Your focus on any of them will then determine if you can build a perfect website or not.

Starting with WordPress, as a WordPress developer, you do not really need a complete knowledge of how to code.

To be sincere, you just need a basic knowledge of how to apply drag and drop features to produce what you want.

For wix, shopify and square space, you only need to understand drag and drop features and you are good.

To our main question, do I need to learn coding to become a web designer? The simple answer to this is no. No, you don’t.

If you want to be a programmer, you can then decide to learn to code.

If you want to just build websites, you really don’t need complete coding knowledge.

Remember correctly, as I have said, that you need to first know the platform that is suitable for you. Just as if you decide to travel to a certain country, you have various means to get there.

There is the road, which you can travel on; there is air; there is water. So it all depends on where you choose to go to arrive at your destination.

Do I Need Coding for Web Design?
Do I Need Coding for Web Design?

So if you choose to learn WordPress for website development, it is very great. If you choose to learn to code just for web design, it is great.

Whichever you choose, you must always remember that your goal is to design websites.

But, in whatever method you choose, you should have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. They are all important for further customization.

If you want a basic knowledge of coding, I would love to introduce you to this free course where you can learn both HTML and CSS with certification for free.

I guess that would explain a lot about the question of needing to learn programming to become a web designer.

If you have any other questions, I will love to respond to them via comment.

Also, if you have any trouble with web design, simply go to Google and type the question with “website creator” at the end, and answers for our website will pop up.

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