Top 7 Website To Download Free Stock Images & Icons

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Making use of free stock images and icons is a big deal for every web designer. Thankfully, there are a number of websites online that give you these images and icons for free.

Stock images and icons are for everyone. Maybe you are an aspiring photographer or a web designer. Stock images can limit the stress you go through in putting everything together.

Like most photographers would argue, how is it possible that these images and icons are given away for free? Wasn’t time and effort put into performing, creating, and publishing them?

Sure, it was, but how does it work? Let me explain: some photographers give these images for free in return for credits, reviews, and publicity.

Others do this as a public service while requesting donations from whoever uses the images/icons.

Download Free Stock Images & Icons
Download Free Stock Images & Icons

Before we list out the top 7 websites where you can get free images and icons, let’s get some clarity with answers to some questions regarding free stock images and icons.

Where Can I Find Copyright Free Images on Google?

Well, Google isn’t a photography website, so they really don’t store images of any kind. All Google can help you do is find the right website that can get you these images.

Copyright-free images can be found on 6 of the 7 listed websites in this article. Later on, we would talk about the best of the best among them.

Can I legally use images on Google?

Not really. It would be best if you didn’t do that. As I wrote above, Google does not have its own content and does not work as a photography website.

All images found on Google are images that were pulled from different websites.

So all the images you find on Google aren’t Google’s. But in certain conditions, you can pick up the images and make use of them.

This condition includes

  1. If they are license-free
  2. If they come from a website that gives free stock images
  3. If the owner gives you the legal right to

With that being cleared, if you want to get free images, stock photos, and icons for your web design project, here are some websites that can help:

Download Quality Images & Icons On These Websites

Below is the list of free images and icons that you can make use of.


Unsplash is a free photography website that allows users and visitors to download images for free.

In their website meta description, it is stated that they have beautiful images and photos that you can download and use for any project. better than any royalty free or stock photos.

According to my view, Unsplash seems to be the best free image provider website out there.

How does Unsplash generate revenue to remain online?

Unsplash generates income to keep their business running by promoting images for other brands and posting ads.

Most photographers that post images on unsplash get their benefits in either donations or reviews.

Once you download an image from Unsplash, a pop-up will appear asking you to go give a shout-out to the creator on any of the listed social media.

And in today’s world, shout-outs and review are what get the job done. With a high review, you get more clients and customers.



Pexels is another great website to get premium images for free. Pexels, like unsplash, provide images in a variety of formats and sizes.

On pexels’ homepage, it is clearly written, “free stock photos and videos you can use everywhere.” Browse millions of high-quality free stock images and copyright pictures.

Pexels has its own license which enables you to use their images for free in any way you like, except for reselling them on your own website.

Free Stock Images & Icons

How Does Pexel Generate Revenue?

Pexels, like Unsplash, rely on advertising revenue. They post ads for companies like Shutterstock and other premium image websites.



Free Stock Images & Icons
Free Stock Images & Icons

Another great place to get cool photos is Flickr. Flickr gives you access to certain images.

Flickr sometimes requires you to sign up with them when making use of their website. Their photos are great, and by the way, I have never used Flickr.

I actually researched flickr over the internet and asked some web designer friends about the website, and I got a great recommendation. So I added it to this article.



Free Stock Images & Icons
Free Stock Images & Icons

Pixabay is another great website. I really love this website and I have made use of their stock photos before now.

I usually use them for background design. They also allow you to change the size of the stock image you want to download.


QUick Guide

Who is a web page designer?

Getting started with web design? start here


The last free website to get free stock images is Canva. is an all-in-one image designer tool. You can create, download, and upload your own image.

Free Stock Images & Icons
Free Stock Images & Icons

Canva has two versions; one is a free version that you can make use of. It can get you started on your journey, but if you want something more, you can upgrade to a premium plan.

You can do more with Canva, customize more with Canva, and create an image specifically for your client’s website.

Website: CANVA.COM


When it comes to icon creation and downloading, there are two websites I trust for this. The first is known as “undraw.”Undraw has a lot of premium icons that are listed for free.

You have more options to select the icon color and type. Undrawn has one of the biggest audiences online when it comes to icon generation.


If you want to download something worth while, with classic up-to-date standards, then Flaticon is a choice.

Flaticon gives you a limited number of icons for free. For designers, it also gives you the option to sell your icons, as that can be done on the premium version.

You can never run out of ideas or icons to build websites with an unlimited stock. You can either choose to be on their free plan or on their paid plan.

I know I said this would be free. Well, yea, it is. Flaticon-free plan gives you unlimited features to work with. The free plan is enough to run your clients’ deals.

With that being said, I know you would want a note on which is best for web designers. The truth is, I really don’t know. I make use of more than one tool depending on what I am doing.

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I really can tell you that canva is the best or unsplash is the perfect. I make use of it all. Sometimes, if I’m more satisfied, I make use of the poster on my wall and build my own design.

There is no real best. You can choose anyone and become a master of it. It is as simple as that.

My last word is this: start with one. Don’t get held back by what isn’t worth it. Choose anyone and start there, and when you finally have enough, make use of Canva Pro and keep doing your thing.

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