Google SEO 3X Traffic Secret: Fastest Ranking Tip

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Google SEO 3X Traffic Secret is out! Having a website with 3x more Google traffic than the normal website traffic we know about is quite a big deal for a website owner.

Beyond the norms of creating content for Google, focusing on users, and branding your post for search engines, there is the real truth that can help you pin this up. This is what I call the Google SEO 3X Traffic Secret.

Google changes its strategy toward written content daily, and that is due to a lot of factors.

These factors might be simple or complicated and in the end, they limit website owners from ranking on Google.

There have been a lot of changes made by Google recently, and this article will help you go through them and kick out the problem so you can rank high on your website.

What does the 3X Google SEO traffic secret really focus on? Google 3x traffic is a step-by-step process that helps users get their website to the top in less than 6 months.

Google SEO 3X Traffic Secret

Years ago, I owned my first website on the Internet, and it was great. I was able to rank up on Google in less than 2 months.

Later, I took some time off to learn web design, and when I came back, I had to struggle a bit until I figured out what was going on.

Google had updated everything. This was very sad for me as I couldn’t rank as fast as I was used to.

I had to take a lot of time and start studying the Google algorithm to understand what is going on. My research led me to write this and the course, which is still in progress.

How Does Google Organic Traffic Work?

Google is a search engine, and just like every other search engine, it makes use of website data being crawled by a spider or bot.

I know those are big grammar, so let’s simplify them. when you create a website, you submit it to Google.Google sends a spider crawler to crawl the website to see where it fits in the world rankings.

Rankings take into account a lot of factors these days. In the past, it was very fast, but not now.

Once every crawl is done, Google then fills the empty space on the net with your blog. As a result, when you go to Google and type in some keywords (topics) related to what is on your website, you will find your website ranking.

google 3x traffic secret to rank your website

Before you start blasting me with your questions, let me answer the necessary ones.

How long does it take to Rank a New Website?

Formally, it was fast, quick, and took a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks, but recently, it has been different. Google now spends 3 to 6 months ranking a new website.

That means your newly submitted website will take up to 3 months to be visible.

When we talk about visibility, that is mainly focused on the blog website. Normal business or real estate websites take a minimum of one week to show up on Google.

What do I mean?

Like a domain name, signing your website name to the Google Search Console and allowing the name to show up on Google takes less than two weeks.

6 Keys to Ranking with Google Seo 3x Traffic Secret

Over the years, I have studied to understand that there are 6 keys to accessing Google traffic properly. This isn’t waiting on luck or opportunity, this is creating luck and allowing Google to find you.

Google SEO 3X Traffic

Below are the ranking secrets that you need to apply:

  • Generate content
  • Earn trust
  • Proper Keyword Research
  • Link building and backlinking
  • Build your domain authority.
  • Use Google AdWords.

Before you rush into the comment box to pour out your argument on which is better and which you have been advised not to try, allow me to explain.

Most website gurus, especially business websites gurus, feel this isn’t important.

The truth is, they all play a major role in creating a perfect website. If Google Seo 3x traffic Secret generation is your goal, try reading with an open mind to pay attention.

Generate content

If you notice properly, I never made mention of building your domain authority first.

Google SEO 3X Traffic Secret content generation

That was definitely on purpose. Most people have been told that it is the first step to ranking their website, but just pay attention. You aren’t most people.

Even if you are a business website, generate content. Content generation goes beyond a normal blog website.

To see how important the contents are on a website, supposing you want to buy a house in New York, and assuming you have never been to New York before and are on a budget, You pop into Google, and what will be the first question to pop up?

Hey Google, give me a list of houses in New York.

Google quickly does its research and, boom, here you are with a lot of houses. Now on that search page, there is this post with the title “Buy a house in New York with a Low Budget” or “Top 10 Houses in New York that Anyone Can Afford.”

Even if the other houses that pull up have a lot of cheaper stuff, my guess is that you will go read that article first.

Now, if that article is well explained, you will end up buying a house from that real estate agency. It’s quite easy. Nothing complicated.

Content always wins the game when it comes to getting 3x of the normal traffic on Google without spending a dime.

How do you Generate Content?

The perfect way to generate content for any website is to check what is trending in that industry.

Check trends

Google Trends is your best friend for that. It tells you what is trending and when it’s trending.

Once that is gotten, head straight to keyword research tools and look for the spot there.

Now start putting in the work and write—or employ a writer. You can get one from Fiverr or Upwork.

Earn Trust

As the saying goes, trust is always earned. You don’t work your way through; you earn it. Google is your best friend and your worst enemy. But it depends on your point of view. (Lol).

To get to Google top, you have to earn it. You don’t just go to Google with false content and expect it to rank you.

It might at first, but upon scanning the top 50 articles on that content, it can tell if yours is false. You don’t want to be that guy who always lies to Google.

When Google can trust the genuineness of your website content, you are the big boy. Your trust in your content is a good free 3x secret Google ranking factor for you.

Proper Keyword Research

Proper keyword research is something you want to learn about. Whether or not you are a business, it’s something you want to put your time into.

proper keyword research in Google SEO 3X Traffic Secret

When the course finally comes out, you will be amazed at what is in stock for you. As a business, a blog, or an event website, you want to spend time or money doing this.

Even if you don’t have the time, employ a keyword researcher for your website. Keyword research bridges the gap between what is lacking and how you get to the Google first page with your business.

You are now faced with the question, “Should I spend money on Google AdWords or employ a good content creator for my company website?”

Most businesses prefer to run ads directly on their website. Well, let’s laugh a little because of that strategy. (with the 3x google Seo traffic secret, Ads can be managed but not directly toward the website).

Unless your business is big, I don’t advise that.

A well-optimized content will continue to rank for years but an Ad expires when your funds get finished.

The goal of both is to make sales, which is definitely going to happen, but it all depends on where your company is at this time.

But I will still encourage you to hire a content manager with great ideas on keyword research if you don’t have the time.

Now let’s talk about getting traffic with keywords. How do you do that? Here are the easiest way to do keyword research:

How to do Keyword Research

As a simple method, do this:

  • Go to Google Trends and find out what is trending.
  • Check out who is ranking on
  • Make use of AHREF Keyword Research Tools.
  • Find out the best keyword that can beat the first page (being guided by what is trending).
  • Generate content around that keyword.
  • Publish your content and wait for the magic.

It isn’t more than that. It’s very simple.

Also, for the keyword research tools, you can either make use of AHREF, which is a paid tool, or a free tool like Ubbersuggest.

I prefer AHREF because it has a wider range of search and ranking factors.

Both are actually paid, but Ubbersuggest gives you 3 daily searches for free, which is enough for one article.

Link building and backlinking

Link building is a strategy to get very fast traffic from other people’s websites.

like making use of other people’s success and climbing on it. Link building paves the way for your website to rank faster.

What is link building?

This is a secret way to rank your website very fast on Google. It necessitates obtaining a link from another website that is already ranking on Google.

OK, that is gibberish. Let me explain it in simple terms.

So you are going to Peter’s house down the street, but you simply don’t know the exact address. But you know James, who also knows Peter and is at the beginning of the street.

What you need to do is go to James, who will redirect you to Peter House. You do this because you trust James. Well, you are Google in this case.

Peter is the website sending a link to you, so James is your own website. This is the best layman’s explanation I can come up with right now.

Link building increases trust and helps you rank faster, resulting in more traffic. When a trusted website sends you traffic, Google is happy to rank it and send traffic to you.

How do you get backlinks?

  • Write genuine content.
  • Ask the top website for backlinks.
  • Use paid backlinks (not advisable).
  • Guest posting
  • Engage in forums and communities.
  • Become an authority.

That’s all you can do—well,  not all completely, but how that works is all explained in the course.

Build your domain authority.

Domain authority is another factor that gives you access to 3x SEO Secret Google traffic. Domain authority is your website’s rank on the Internet.

This information is gathered through

  • The number of backlinks to your website
  • Number of content
  • Social media relevance
  • Search engines’ ranking
  • the number of visitors and users.

Writing this part, I realize that I have passed my benchmark of keeping this blog post at 1500 minimum words.

Almost 2k words. I hope this doesn’t bug you. Anyway, domain authority is a huge factor in ranking and getting google traffic.

The real truth is, that this doesn’t happen every day. It takes time to get good domain authority.

Just be patient and follow through. In less than no time, you will be done, and I’m glad you were patient.

Use Google Adwords.

Before you blast me, hey Victor, Google Adword is dead. I was told it isn’t great to use.

My friend told me not to try it. Hey Victor,  are you listening? Yo! Pay attention and open your mind.

Pay Attention to these Articles

Google AdWords isn’t a bad step to try. It seems bad because of how people have abused it. Google AdWords can help you rank all your website content if you understand it.

You can use Google AdWords to generate traffic for all your sites if you employ a good technique.

To use Google Ads, you need to employ the backlink technique of adding multiple links to the post you are promoting.

If you have a business website, you can use Google Adwords to drive sales to your page in the targeted form or opt-in.

In a form like this, send ad traffic to a web page about a real estate property, and within that page, link other pages with titles like “on a low budget? Check house under $1k).

If you do it like that, you will then get visitors who came from Google Adwords, and you will create a loop for them to turn around your website completely without them knowing.

That’s the secret. It’s basic and doesn’t require you to add up the problem. Also, be aware that it is more effective for a company website but can still be used by a blog.

proper keyword research in Google SEO 3X Traffic Secret conclusion

You don’t have to try to employ all your strategies at once. Start from somewhere. At most, start with content creation and upgrade from there.

There is no magic about the Internet. It is basic and has been there for years. Just follow the principle step by step, and with time, you will get to the top.

Consistency always beats the game. Don’t try to jump ahead because everything takes time. You can also try using social media traffic to boost yourself and get to the top.

But don’t rely on it; instead, learn how to use social platforms to drive traffic and raise brand awareness.

Start from somewhere. It all requires consistency. Let me know how you feel about this post, and sorry for the length (lol). Next would be a 3K word.

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