How To Monetize Blogger Website

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Everyone who uses the Blogger/Blogspot platform is faced with a lot of questions regarding platform monetization. More questions also come from those who haven’t tried the platform.

They want a sneak peek into the platform just to see what the platform holds for them as they struggle through the internet to find their audience.

Who am I to advise on this blogger platform?, well I have made use of the platform for some years and I can say that am an authority in using the blogger platform.

Although not completely perfect because the platform is being updated daily, the platform holds a great place in my heart.

My blogging journey started with it and here I am still working my way through teaching others. Now with that being said, let’s go straight to the questions.

Further more, in this article, we would answer all questions regarding how to monetize Blogspot and the major monetization means of blogger.

monetize blogger platform

Can BlogSpot be Monetize?

Sure, Blogspot or blogger can be monetize with a lot of monetization features. I did a blog post on how that can be done. You can watch the video on youtube.

Blogspot/blogger can be monetized with a lot of methods including:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Link shorten
  • Google AdSense
  • Sponsored post
  • Ad spaces

Almost everything can be monetized these days. All you need is a trusted audience to visit your blog.

Does anyone still use Blogspot?

A lot of people still make use of Blogspot, especially in places like Nigeria, India, and Pakistan. These countries are cool with making use of this platform.

The blogger platform still keeps increasing its user daily. That means many blogs are created daily which keeps the platform going.

Blogger is cool and if you are on a low budget starting your blog, I will advise you to use the platform.

Is blogger shutting down?

Not really, blogger isn’t shutting down. Not anytime soon. Google did not state that the platform would be shot down within 5 years.

So the platform is active and people keep making use of the platform. Also for your knowledge, google is working on the way to make bloggers faster than necessary and SEO superb so watch out for that.

Can I create a BlogSpot account without Gmail?

Not possible. You cannot make use of the blogger platform without a Gmail account. Just like in WordPress or any other platform, you have to sign in to the platform just to make use of it, blogger is no exception.

To access the blogger platform, you must ensure to have a Gmail account as that is the only registration required.

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Is the Blogspot template free?

Yes, the inbuilt template of bloggers are free but for extra features or premium ones, you can outsource from some websites that sell premium blogger templates like copyblogger.

But note that the template within your blogger dashboard is completely free and can be used for any purpose worthwhile.

Can I make use of yahoo mail to access Blogspot?

No! the blogger platform is not integrated with Yahoo mail and cannot be used.

Google owns the blogger platform and so it has integrated with Her Gmail account. There are other services that a Yahoo mail account can access but not a blogger.

IS BlogSpot and blogger the same?

I have wanted this question to be the first but I couldn’t get to take it upward. Blogger vs Blogspot or blogger and Blogspot, are they the same?

No! they aren’t. I know you might want to object because of the way they are used interchangeably. Blogger is a CMS Blogspot is a domain registrar. It is as simple as that.

Blogger manages all your content while Blogspot gives you a domain name or subdomain to host your content. We make use of them interchangeably just to let visitors settle for what they are looking for.

Now on your part, do you know beforehand, the difference between blogger and Blogspot? Let us know in the comment box below. Please don’t forget to share this article also.

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