How to Use Weebly to Make a Website

How to Use Weebly to Make a Website
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Weebly is a fantastic website design platform that can be used to create everything from business websites to portfolio websites.

How to Use Weebly to Make a Website

If you are new to the platform, you can find your way around easily, but for the sake of clarification, we would take a basic look at how to use Weebly to make a Website.

If you miss any points or lack understanding of how to, the video below will help you out with a great explanation of how to find your way through the Weebly platform to create a stunt website.

Weebly has been around for a while now and most people prefer it because it is simple and, with the drag-and-drop option, you can build your website. The platform is as simple as Wix but a lot faster.

Weebly has a clean editor website builder and a simple landing page that tells you where to go, for instance.

For most people who have made use of the platform, it is quite ok and has an average review. Building websites with the platform can grant you quick access to owning a brand-new website.

Before we dive fully in, let’s consider this:

Reasons to Use Weebly to Create a Website

  1. Weebly has a track record.
  2. Weebly is fast.
  3. Average price
  4. Simple, drag and drop interface
  5. average SEO score.

Weebly Has A Track Record

Weebly has been around the planet for a long time. Remember that old movie, Hancock? Or did I get the spelling wrong? (lol).

Weebly is simply the Hancock of our time. That means it has aged a bit but is still the same.

Since the creation of the platform, more and more people have been joining the platform, using it to build simple websites. One memorable feature of Weebly is its simplicity.

The first time I made use of the platform, I didn’t even watch any tutorials on how to do it. I just happened upon the platform and created a website.

Isn’t it amusing how things are? I guess so. That’s how simple the platform is and can be understood by anyone who can speak English. The video below shows how I navigated through the platform with no experience but came out victorious.

Weebly is fast.

Talk about website builder speed, then ask about Weebly. Weebly is fast when it comes to website building. On my first trial of the platform, it seemed to be quite slow, which I thought was due to a website speed issue.

It never occurred to me that my wifi had issues, but when I decided to build an eCommerce website from Weebly, I got the geek.

Using a fast and simple platform is one thing to consider before using any platform, and Weebly has met that.

Average Price

Some are expensive, some are OK, while others are less expensive. Using a platform like this is less expensive, but trying out some other platforms just like this is very expensive.

Weebly, on the other hand, falls in the middle when it comes to pricing. Their prices are not too high or too low because you get a free plan to test their platform out.

Before I forget, you can try out the Weebly platform for free without making a payment or dropping any credit card details, just like I did in the video below.


Still, wondering why I love the platform? Here it is. Simplicity

If you have made use of the Elementor page builder in WordPress to design a website, then you should have a basic idea of this.

Simple drag and drop makes you spend less time building a website and takes you fewer minutes than required.

Instead of spending days trying to map out what you want to do, with Weebly, all that can be done in a day and you can have your website up and running.

Seo score

Webby SEO is not as complicated as most. It is quite simple (such as you will find in the video below) with options to input your keyword, place your tags and give a description of what your video is about.

Just like building a website with Blogger for free and turning on meta tags, Weebly gives you the space to fill that spot with keywords and tags.

Ranking with Weebly might not be a hard thing to do if you get enough keywords and backlinks to your website.

With all the reasons why I like the Weebly platform being said, here is the difference between a Weebly website and a wobbly blog.

The Difference Between a Weebly Website & A Weebly blog

Like most websites, it is either static or interactive. Weebly is very good at making static business websites and fee-responsive websites.

Examples of responsive websites include

  1. E-commerce website
  2. Event website

Examples of static business websites include

  1. Real estate websites that don’t accept payment within the platform
  2. Website for simple construction
  3. A portfolio website that provides a straightforward display of your product.
  4. A website that will launch soon
  5. A simple personal website

Weebly blogs are just simple. Like on every regular blog, you choose a blog theme and start writing articles. Truth be told, Weebly is quite expensive for building blogs but is OK for static or responsive websites.

How to Create a Website with Weebly

  1. Go to
  2. Decide on the type of website you want.
  3. Choose a good theme.
  4. Get a name for your domain
  5. Start customization
  6. Publish your website.

The above step is how you create a website with Weebly. Now let’s do some justice and explain each one individually.

Go to

Imagine going to your house and taking the wrong road to arrive at the wrong place (lol). I guess most of us were victims of this when we were kids.

how to create a website with weebly

Well, to go to your house, you must follow the right path that leads to it. So, to start any type of website with the Weebly platform, you must visit the platform homepage.

To do that quickly, just click on this link or simply visit While writing this post, my mind brought up a question, and it is: Is Weebly More Of A Hosting Platform Or A Domain Seller Platform?

So to answer that, just skip down to the comment box and drop your answer. Let’s see who gets it.

Decide on the type of website you want.

As you know, Weebly can be used to build any kind of website. It is a website platform just like all these other website platforms. You can use it to design any kind of website you want.

Deciding the type of website you want to build with the platform makes it easier to find your way through.

It helps you decide the type of themes, customizations, and necessary inclements for the website before you forget since on the platform we tell you everything without hiding any. Here is one weakness of Weebly;

Let’s compare the number of themes to that of WordPress or Wix! Well, what do you need several themes for? Figure out how to use the available ones and do yourself a great job.

How do you decide the type of website you want? Well, whose project are you working on? Ask them (lol).

So before you dive into the platform, figure out the type of website you want to build so as not to make a mistake about it.

Quick Link: Basic intro to web design/ 6 figure designer

Choose a good theme.

Even with the idea of customization, choosing a good theme is something to reckon with. Every theme comes with its unique feature.

Weebly has a limited number of them that you can choose from and start customizing.

Pick one that is related to your niche and make do with it. If you get confused along the way, you can make use of the tutorial videos created by Weebly or just follow the video below.

Get a domain name

Getting a domain name for your Weebly website is your next step. This can be in two forms, which are

  1. Making use of a free Weebly subdomain
  2. Getting a premium domain from Bluehost
  3. Getting a domain name from Weebly

Using a Free Weebly Subdomain

Weebly gives you the option to use their subdomain just to try out the platform, and their uniqueness, and see for yourself if you want to stick with them.

This is something that most premium website builders do not provide, but Weebly goes through the trouble of allowing it.

You can test their platform using their free domain name. No credit card is required. But if you want something premium, then you can make use of the next step.

Obtain a premium domain name

As you guys know, I don’t talk about things I haven’t tried or have plans to try. That’s why we are a premium supporter of the Bluehost domain.

Bluehost premium domains give you the option to connect your domain with any website builder of your choice. Their uptime is magnificent.

How to Link a Bluehost Domain to a Weebly Site

So if you decide to stick with Bluehost, then you should follow this step, if you get into trouble, I can assist you because I have made use of the platform and I can tell what is right or wrong.

  1. First, go to Bluehost!
  2. Search for a domain name or a website name.
  3. Click on purchase (you will be redirected to Bluehost)
  4. Create an account or sign in.
  5. Purchase the domain name
  6. Change the DNS to Weebly
  7. Go to Weebly.
  8. Click on “Add a custom domain”.
  9. Put the domain name there.

Note that the domain name change takes some time before it completely works. Once that is done, you can now continue building your website.

Get a domain name from Weebly.

If you want to try out Weebly yourself, then you could get a domain name from their platform using this step.

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Search for the available name.
  3. Purchase the domain name
  4. Start building your website.

It’s that simple. But ensure not to get into any trouble in the process. If you do, you can always come to us to help you out or chat with Weebly customer care.

Start customization

Have you bought the domain name? Begin customizing and keep going until you’re satisfied with your design.

Most of the time, people spend a lot of time in the customization phase, where they get stuck and cannot simply move on. Do not be like them.

Even if the design is not perfect, don’t worry about it. Just continue the process and publish your website. You can always come back to it.

If you are doing an e-commerce website with Weebly, find your favorite e-commerce website and try to copy their design. The truth is that you can do that, but you will end up creating your design in the process.

Publish your website.

This is the last part of the entire process—publishing your design. Once you are done with the entire process above, here is the next step to go through; publish it and make it go live.

Once you do that, call all your friends in California, Lagos, and your family too (lol). Whatever part of the world they are in, call them and tell them that your website is live.

If you simply create an e-commerce website like this, tell them to go shop there and you will give them a per-product discount.


Wow, this is one long post you don’t want to read. Funny! If you read everything from top to bottom, then you should be our hero of the day.

Don’t forget, that the entire process is wrapped up in the video below, and you can watch it if you prefer video tutorials.

If you ever forget one thing, don’t forget to share this article with your granny, because she might want to create a website too.

And try to be part of our private Facebook group because it will help you grow massively in your website development journey.

How about the 5-day boot camp for web designers? Well, it is on the way and will get to you once you put your email in the email template below. Be the first to register for absolutely free!

Is Weebly a good website platform?

Yes, Weebly is very good and the platform is so simple that even granny can navigate through it. The platform/website builder platform is also fast.

Can a beginner understand how to use Weebly?

If you watch that video, you will see that it was my first time checking out the platform. It is as simple as creating this e-commerce website with Blogger.

What would you say about Weebly pricing?

Weebly’s pricing is fair compared to some others I have seen. They also give you a free version to make use of their platform.

Can I get an affiliate link from Weebly?

Sure, you can get a Weebly affiliate link if you want. Here is a link to their platform that might help you if you want to promote their platform via your website business.

Is the free version of Weebly limited?

The free version of Weebly is not limited to you in any way, but you are going to have a watermark on your website saying this website was built with Weebly and that might be a problem for you, but who cares? Just do your thing.

Have any other questions? Why not try the power of the comment box?

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