How Website Hosting Works

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How does website hosting works? Who controls website hosting? These are relevant questions most beginner web designers want to know about.

Website hosting is a completely different topic, how it works and function will be traced back to the foundation of website.

Back then when website creation started when people had to host their website on their laptop or computer.

It was the old system but that was the beginning of web hosting.

How does it really works? So let’s get down to the simple explanation.

How Website Hosting Works
How Website Hosting Works

How do website hosting works?

Website hosting is simply where a website file is stored. It can also be referred to as the server.

It can be accessed through a domain name. The best domain name seller as of today all sell web hosting.

I did a post of the best web hosting company to purchase from in 2022, you might want to read it for proper ideas.

So web host keep your files. Most web host are run by Cpanel.

How do you access your web host?

Web hosting can be access through a domain name.

That is if you purchase from web hosting company like Bluehost.

for local server popularly refer to as local host, it can be access through your IP (link).

I hope you get that, you cannot fully understand how web design works without understanding what is web design.

I started my web design business from scratch and made up to six figure from it as a designer.

You too can, but you must start from the introduction of website design to get started.

Website Hosting tips you should know

1. Never purchase from a slow server web hosting company
2. Always ask other websites designers before taking a hosting decision.
3. Website hosting shouldn’t cost much unless you are building something big.
4. Always safeguard your web hosting password to prevent hacking.
5. Always considered buying web host from Bluehost (personal project) and Namecheap for Clients.

These are what have helped me so far. You can keep them to heart.

Also, you can search Google and get answer from this website. Just type in the question on google and add at the end.

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