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Impacting clients with your web design brand is a great step toward building a massive web business. Most people who learn web design fall into the categories of either building a business from it or never making use of the skill.

Reading this post, I know you are interested in building a web design business, and I can very well get you started on your journey. I have come a long way in the industry to now be able to advise others about it.

The first point I would love you to take note of is that “building a stable web design business takes time.” Like every other industry, web design is not left out.

You do not build a web design business on the day you finish your web design course. This is time-consuming and requires a lot of energy.

Every great designer started from this point. Not leaving the freelancers out of it.

As has been pointed out, it is very important that you impact your clients with your web design brand, as this gives you an edge over other designers.

Maybe you once did a little web updating for a client that didn’t pay much. It is now up to you to either make him a trusted client or chase him away.

5  Ways To Impact Client with Web Design Brand
5 Ways To Impact Clients with Web Design Brand

Impacting clients depend on a certain procedure, and we would talk about that later in this post. For now, let’s focus on the major types of web design clients and how I classify them.

3 Type Of Web Design Customers You Can Impact With Your Brand 

The below lists are the ways I classify my clients. Maybe they aren’t fun for you or you haven’t seen them on another blog.

This is just how I have come and how you could make use of my ideas to build your clients’ database. I classify my clients under these 3 types:

The big fish

These are my major client. I call them the big fish because of how I get to connect with them. Most of them are big business people, bankers, and CEOs.

They hardly have time to do anything, and when they hire you, they pay whatever amount you charge with the notion that you will deliver a perfect job.

They don’t check on you if the project is going well or not. With this kind of client, you can get super rich and if your agency produces a better result, get ready to be referred.

Quick link; Types of Websites & Platforms – 2022 Top Best

Middle-level client

These are the client that makes the payment just below your set amount. I classified them as middle-level clients because of their pricing, audience, and the amount they are willing to pay.

They always feel cheated when you don’t reduce your pricing for them.

Just do it client

These are the set of clients most web designers reject. They always come up with a budget that is not up to standard.

One thing you should know about this kind of client is that they know how to disturb on a certain project. They call you thrice a day just to ensure that you are working on their project.

Their level of seeking perfection is high and might stress you out. One advantage of them is that they can run as affiliate marketers for your business without you paying them.

The three are needed and I will talk about them in full once we start our podcast session.

Why is impacting clients with your brand is so important 

Impacting the client is very important because;

It helps you get long term clients

When clients are so impacted by your web design brand, they get so excited to mention your name when it is needed.  

Many a time, your first client becomes your best client if you know how to make them stay.

A good web design job doesn’t guarantee your impact on the clients. Your total impact is built from your connection and communication with your clients.

While writing this post, am currently working on a web design project for a client and he requires me to build a coaching website for him.

Although I could do this in one day, I choose not to. You see, I want the connection. Although I want the job to be done quickly yet I require him to participate step by step.

You cannot beat that out of him but you can always let him know how the project is going.

With this, I am not building a website for him, we are building a website and connection together.

The truth is, my first clients are my best. Try doing the same.

It helps you build connection, (Your brand name is always the first in their mind)

Connection is a key to this business and your first clients can help you out with this. Building a connection is hard and that is the plain truth about the web design industry.

You don’t get connections based on your perfection in the web design business. You get connections from the previous connections you have.

To keep this short, I will explain it in a further post or maybe in this same article, but some of it is stated on Building a six-figure web design business. 

You build on their knowledge.

If you want to know how good you are, try asking your first set of clients. Your impact on your first set of web design clients is what tells you if you are good or need improvement.

I was talking with a client one day and he said to me, hey victor, you have a nice brand but you have an issue communicating with clients.

This made me realize that I had to work further or do better just to improve my reach. It doesn’t get worst as you go, it only gets better so make use of their knowledge.

Ways To Impact Business with your website Design Brand

Below are some of the proven ways I have learned to improve my web brand and maybe you could do the same;

  • Client relation(go where your client are)

Client relation is what we have been emphasizing from the beginning of this post. Building a good client relationship goes a long way in your impact on a client with your brand.

Client relation is simply going with your client through the thick and thin of their website’s dark days like crashing, backup, maintenance, and others.

This can also be done with or without charging them but ensure you are always there when they need a web designer.

  • Asking for a referral from them(trust-building)

Clients are humans with sympathy and feelings. They sometimes do as they are told.

Building a long-term relationship with them can also consist of asking for review and referral jobs. I have taken on jobs that are beyond my reach but by simply talking to my clients.

One time, I told my clients to help me post on their what-Sapp status my brand, and funny enough, I got clients through them.

I didn’t just ask them from day one, I had first followed the above step on getting client relations.

Chat and communicate with your client regularly and let them know a bit about you. This build relationship and impact your clients.

One last thing you should not forget in a hurry is to appreciate your clients for all they do.

  • Build a customer base

Build a database of your customers, Arrange them in the class of priority as I explained above, this will help you know the type of marketing strategy that works well for your brand.

The customer base can work in multiple ways. You can do that with tools like email marketing, social reach out, or mouth-to-mouth communication.

I have to visit some clients because of priority. Doing it this way gives me the ability to get in contact and build more relationships because the main focus is to impact clients with your web design brand.

  • Qualify your brand

Your brand, your idea, and your idea, your business. Focus on qualifying your brand till it becomes so big and mature.

The quality of your brand determines how fast or slow clients will respond to you. Let’s take Netflix as an example. The team or agency in charge of the Netflix website, asking them to work on your business. What do you think will be their pricing plan?

Will it be the same as yours or higher? Well, we already know the answer. Keeping your brand top-notch is a deal that must be met and qualifying it impacts your clients both in pricing and respect.

  • Start with your local connection

On our about us page, I wrote about how I got my first client and how it went within a few years. I also spoke about my first client and how I got it.

It was basically from my local connection. This is the fastest way to build trust. The client is more eager to trust people they know directly or indirectly.

Your best client will come from people you already know. Leverage on that and impact the client so much that they would always think of you when it comes to digital marketing.

Conclusion on Ways To Impact Clients with Web Design Brand

There is no better way to do this, there is no super method which this can work out. All you need to do is to figure out how it works from your point of view and walk the process from time to time.

No great designer started from the top. Start from where you are and with time your brand will become the best. 

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