How to install WordPress on Qservers

install WordPress on Qservers
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Installing WordPress on Qservers web hosting is very easy and this detail tutorial will help you by teaching you the basic steps to take in other to use qservers.

Qservers web hosting is a popular web hosting company in Nigeria and has been in existence over time.  

This tutorial will guide you on how you can install wordpress from Qservers easily without having any trouble.. It will take only few minutes and literally no advanced skills to have a fully functional WordPress instance in your hosting account.

Before you continue reading, if you have not purchase a web hosting before, I encourage you to do so right now using this Qserver Web hosting link. Now after purchasing a web hosting and a domain name, you want to visit your cpanel.

Then follow this tutorial to install wordpress on your Qservers Cpanel.

How to install WordPress on Qservers Cpanel

1. First, login to your cPanel account and acquire the Softaculous app installer icon, beneath the “Software Services” section. It should be amid the lower allotment of your cPanel page, appropriate beneath the “Domains” section.

install WordPress on Qservers

2. Once you click on the Softaculous button, you will be taking to a page that require you to choose the application you wish to install. On the left side of your screen locate the “Blogs” category, click on it and then click on the “WordPress” link that will appear.

How to install WordPress on Qservers mannually

3. On the next page, press the Install button at the top of your screen to specify that you want to perform a brand new WordPress installation.

install WordPress on Qservers

4. Please take note that by default, Softaculous will place the application in a sub-folder called “wp”. However, if you prefer to access the website solely through your domain name, you can remove the “wp” text from the “Directory” field and leave it empty. If you wish to install the application in a different sub-folder, you can simply type the desired name in the field.

If you want to install this program in a specific sub-folder, please enter the name of the folder here. For example, if you want users to visit (instead of just to view your WordPress site, you would enter “blog” in this setting.

5.  Now, you need to provide the necessary information for your site, including the title, description, administrative username and password, administrative email, etc. Once you have filled in these fields, click on the “Install” button. It is important to remember that it is highly recommended to change the default username “admin” and default password “pass” to your own personalized settings, as hackers often target these default credentials..

Well Done! Your WordPress application is installed and ready to use. You can now login and start blogging!

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