Practical Web Design for Absolute Beginner

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Learning web design as an absolute beginner in today’s world is not as complicated as it used to be. These days, you can be a self-taught web designer.

There are many ways to learn web design and you can’t miss the steps.

The value of web design is becoming of sole important daily as more people are diving into it.

Some are going into UX/UI design, others are going into coding web some others are doing platform development.

The internet contains a lot of resources for the development of websites. Some are paid while others are free.

For the paid ones, you can see course websites like Udemy while for free, you have all you need on YouTube.

Table of content :

  1. What is web design
  2. Differences between a designer and a programmer
  3. How to learn web design as a beginner
  4. What does a web designer do
  5. Skill a web designer needs
  6. How to learn web design yourself

This post will cover everything on this topic and I need you to pay rapid attention.

What is Web Design?

The word web design is a combination of two words. Web, which means website and design which talk about graphics and interphase.

The definition of web design is the compilation, forming, structure, and designing of a website.

Web design is broken into steps and stages. Also, there are different categories of a career in web design.

Once a website is designed, it is then displayed live on the internet.

For absolute beginners, web design shouldn’t be too hard to learn if you decide to play around with platforms like Figma, elementor page builder, Adobe, HTML, and others.

The point is, web design is scalable and with that, the proper definition of website design is the display of live pages on the internet.

learn web design as an absolute beginner
learn web design as an absolute beginner (image credit: Unsplash)

These pages consist of visual and written content in form of design. I wrote a complete article on what is web design, you can check it out.

Differences Between a Designer and a Programmer

So a lot of beginners are confused about this fact. They misunderstand the difference between them.

Let me explain this in simple terms.
A designer is involved in the front end, layout, structure, and color of the website.

They can be in form of UX or a UI designer. Although drag-and-drop tools like elementor help, yet, anyone who uses these drag-and-drop tools is also a designer.

A programmer is different. They use more technical coding skills.

A programmer uses codes to perform tasks and give interaction to a website.

I guess that’s clear enough or you can check the proper explanation of the difference between web designers and programmers.

How to Learn Web Design as a Beginner

So you are all pumped up and fired to get started in your web design career as an absolute beginner well let’s go.

As a beginner, you can get started with either Coding or drag-and-drop software.

Due to the fact that I am more skillful in drag and drop (professional in WordPress) design, I will teach from that aspect.

We would use WordPress as our guard.

If you don’t have any idea what WordPress is, let me give you a hint.

WordPress is a CMS that helps build websites. It is the world’s most used CMS and it power 35% of the world’s website.

As an absolute beginner, you can learn web design with WordPress.

Here are the basic steps to take

  1. Purchase a domain name and web host
  2. log in to your Cpanel account
  3. Install WordPress from the softaculous app installer
  4. Choose a template
  5. Install your plugin (especially elementor)
  6. Start your website design customization

The step above is the main step you need to take in becoming a web designer.

What does a Web Designer do?

Web designers have one simple job, they design websites.

That explains almost everything a web designer does.

A web designer designs the interphase, structure, layout, and typography of websites.

Web designers are the main creator and evolvers of the internet.

Skill a web design needs

The 4 Main Skills of a Web Designer

  1. Visual design
  2. Typography
  3. Color scheme
  4. Layout structure
  • Visual Skill

This has to do with the front design of the website.
It is a combination of almost all interactions of the front design.

The word visual represent the seen design. As a designer, you should be able to arrange your design properly.

As a good designer, you should know where to place good design.

  • Typography

As an absolute beginner designer, typography will give you a lot of trouble.

Don’t worry, I got you covered.
On my first project, I made a lot of mistakes in adding the right typography to my design.

Today, you have a lot of typography websites that can help you out.

The best one of them all is the google font.

Google Fonts will help you decide the best type of typo to use on every layout of the site.

  • Color Scheme

Nobody is perfect but a designer should know how to combine colors to form a good design.

You should enable to use of two or at most 3 color designs for your website.

Ensure not to create a color riot website ad as you grow on your web design journey.

  • Layout Structure

Your last skill is your layout and structure arrangement.

How wide should your website be? What is the right width of your website?

How to Learn Web Design Yourself

Learning web Design yourself as an absolute beginner can be frustrating but let me give you a head start.

Note that you can’t learn what you don’t have an idea about.

So you want to start from somewhere and gain vast knowledge to begin improvement.

You can start with YouTube by searching for how to design a website as an absolute beginner.

This will give you an intro to what you want to do.

The basics are what you need and you can find your way from there.

You can start with the basic Html code and grow or you could try WordPress.

Tools & Software that can help you when designing as a beginner

  1. Code monkey
  2. Notepad
  3. YouTube
  4. Slider revolution
  5. WordPress template

The above will assist you. Whether you choose to code or do WordPress, those can guide your steps.

As an absolute beginner, do not try to run over steps as each step you learn gives you an edge.

I too made the mistake of jumping some steps when learning to code and later I regretted it.

You don’t want to get all messed up with this.
I hope you can now start your journey into the digital world today. I wish you success on your journey.

By the way, what’s your reason for learning web design? Let me know in the comment area.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this content, I really enjoyed going through it. My main purpose of learning web design is to build my own CMS

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