Starting a web design business is a great start for anyone who has the knowledge of building a website.

If you want to start your own web design business, then this is the right article for you.

In this article, we would take focus on

  • What makes you a web designer
  • Getting started in a web design business
  • Creating a portfolio
  • Starting your agency
  • Finding customers; Getting to know your customers

Just like me, everyone has a point they decided to start. Mine started the day I bought my first android phone and went to google.

The fancy displays, the color, the design, the animation, and many more. All these caught my attention and made me wonder how they were created.

My drive led me to become a web designer. I wanted to learn to code also because it was required then.

But I was introduced to WordPress by a website I found on google and that lead me to where I am.

Drag and drop became what made me money( well, it’s from my passion too)

I simply didn’t understand coding or how to code, I wanted to learn but seeing that I can do a lot without it because of drag and drop platforms, I had to focus on it.

This was because of these reasons

  1. I wasn’t too good at recalling lines of code
  2. I found a better option
  3. I was broke and needed a fast way out.

Am sorry if my reasons aren’t good enough but that’s me, blunt and clear. My stories are what made me! (lol)

What makes a web designer?

A web designer isn’t one who can code, that is a programmer. A web designer is one who makes use of different design skills to arrive at building a website.

The skill includes visual, layout, design, graphics, fonts, and color integration to form a website that is interactive and can achieve a purpose.

A web designer is different from a programmer. A programmer can be a web designer but a web designer cannot become a programmer.

Programmers make use of codes, web designer makes use of themes, script, and a lot of tools developed by a programmer to build a website.

They both work hand in hand. Non is more powerful or less because I have seen a lot of programmers who make less or charge less than designers.

It’s not about which is which, it’s about your reach and connection.

What then makes you a web designer? It is the ability to put all the necessary tools and skills together to form a powerful website.

Getting started in a web design business

Getting started as a web designer is to know what you need and don’t need to get started in your journey as a web designer.

Your journey starts from getting familiarised with the major web design skill which includes:

  1. Colour integration
  2. Font management
  3. Platform decision
  4. Niching

The first skill or idea you need to master is color integration. Colors play a major role in website design.

Colors can either make your website attractive and calm or disturb and push visitors away.

I guess you have seen or visited a website with bad colors before? Everyone has maybe you are aware or not.

The most significant example is the website you visited and didn’t spend time scanning through or getting what you came for done.

To begin, learn to master colors or make use of google chrome extensions that help detect colors that are good for visitors.

Imagine an eCommerce website that sells females wearing designed in black or light green? That’s awkward if you picture it.

Also font management. I wrote an article about the font and the best type to design a professional website.

Mastering fonts give you a 10X speed in your design. Good font create good attraction bad font creates bad.

No one taught me about this, I struggle my way through with bad website design before I became good.

Platforms, there are a lot of them: WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, blogger, and a lot more.

The platform’s decisions are great. Whichever you choose, become so good in it that people will have to come to you for help regarding that platform.

If you go to youtube, there are people who focus on just one platform that they have all videos you will ever search for regarding such.

Become like them. I make use of more than one platform because I have become good at others. Website design is easy, don’t complicate it.

Lastly is niching, niche down to one type of website. This hasn’t been spoken about much by many designers but it is important.

I notice that designers with one simple niche get more contracts, become the best, and build more connections.

Niche in web design is focusing on building one type of website. Like real estate, tools, or just eCommerce websites.

That is where professionalism and money are.

  • Creating a portfolio

Portfolio. This plays a major role in web design.

Without a web design portfolio, you can hardly get customers. However, I broke the record that’s not the legal way.

A web design portfolio is a collection of all websites you have ever created (lol).

This is what most agencies ask for when they require your services, they want to see what you have done before.

I once lost a project from a major tech company in Lagos, Nigeria because I didn’t or haven’t created such a website before.

I could have created a demo but I wasn’t given time as the website design was a quick project.

So creating a portfolio changes everything. Even if you don’t have real website work, create a demo, and make use of a subdomain. Do something.

No company or individual will ask you what can you do as a web designer, they will ask you what have you done!.

You can get started with a web designer portfolio template from the number one recommended theme forest or get started with a name cheap portfolio design starting from $3.88 per month.

  • Starting your agency

So you have learned design and portfolio management, next is to start an agency. Did I say agency? Sure!

If you want to make money, then start a web design agency for a small business or your local community.

You tend to get more customers when you have an agency. This gives you an edge.

When starting your agency, there are key things that you need to observe, and these include

  1. Focusing on your local community
  2. Driving traffic to your agency
  3. Adding more websites to your portfolio

An online agency is nothing without a domain name. therefore it is necessary to get a premium domain name from Blue Host our NO1 most trusted domain name seller.

How do you do that you might want to ask?

Well, click on this link and you will be redirected to Bluehost

Search for a homepage on their domain name search and get a premium name.

Once available, you can then purchase your hosting plan but if you are like me that prefer using a third-party host, then Namecheap is better for you.

I do this most times for my security or the security of my website. (that’s just what I feel). You can choose to get both from BlueHost and support the website with no extra cost added to you.

  • Finding customers; Getting to know your customers

The hardest part of all design companies is finding your targeted audience. That is where the money is.

Getting customers. You can get our complete customer guide in our academy database.

To find your customer, you need to learn how to optimize

  1. Local SEO
  2. Social media
  3. Google ads
  4. Mouth-to-mouth advertisement
  5. Local newspaper

The 5 listed above are the major lead for client generation. Local SEO should be your first target. While mouth to mouth advertisement is the best to get local clients.

My first client came from mouth to mouth advertisement and that is a great way to get clients if you ask me.

Tell someone to tell someone that you have started your agency. Tell grama to tell aunt that you now design a website. 

want to ensure you grab everything written in this article to read it again in your leisure time?

The entire article has been put in this pdf for free! Soon to be listed!


I guess the article above can get you started on your website business journey.

The truth is that, rendering only web design as a service might not be a good idea for an agency. So it’s better if you learn SEO and maybe content writing.

All these are to keep you moving in the design industry and get you more clients.

There is no magic anywhere and no one can do better unless you take a lead to learn and do something.

Take a lead, start something it doesn’t have to be big, start Wix or WordPress just get started, and as you go on, you will find your way to making more money.

Share this article with someone that needs it to get them started.

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