The types of websites and platforms people require are a big deal for website designers that want to get more clients, and this article will help you sort them out.

If you’re new to website design, you’ll need a lot of inspiration. The most important concept is to understand the various types of websites available and the ones that people require, as well as how to use them to make money.

Hi, website kreator. This is another post that will blow your mind. If you are new to the blog, there are a lot of tools that will help you out.

We teach you how to design different websites and give you the basic ideas you need to run a profitable online design business.

In this post, we are going to give you a list of the types of websites people want and show you how you can build them in different individual posts. a lot of designers earn 3 to 6 figures designing websites, you too can be part.

Before we talk about the type of website people want, let’s take a review of why people would even decide to have a website.

Why Do People Need Websites?

Unlike you, you already know why you are here! If you do, but if you don’t, it’s not a big deal. You can still read the blog post and learn more.

Most individuals feel it is necessary to have a website for their brand or business, because

  • They feel a website makes their brand professional.
  • They know websites generate more traffic than social media.
  • A website helps them secure space online.
  • because their competitor has one.

Website Improves Brand Professionalism 

If you don’t believe me, go into a big restaurant and tell the manager you build websites; the first thing he or she will ask you is if you have one.

Where is your portfolio? How many restaurant websites have you designed in the past? What evidence do you have? How am I supposed to believe you? Prepare to be tossed out by security if you don’t know the answers to any of the questions.

A website makes you look more professional and offers the impression that your company is as well. A website truly makes you more professional and gives people the opinion that your business is also professional.

So they aren’t doing themselves harm by telling you they need one. Professionalism is seen when you have a website as proof.

Is Your Website Getting More Traffic?

Unless you don’t know your way around keyword research tools, websites get more traffic than social media. I would rather build a website and focus on generating traffic from Google than from social media.

As of today, Google is the biggest social traffic generator, followed by Pinterest and Facebook.

But I cannot say that is true for everyone because it depends on what you focus on. Most people focus more on generating traffic from social media, but I find that absurd.

That’s just my personal opinion, but I have tried both in running my first blog and I came to the conclusion that search engines are better.

So regarding generating traffic for your website, a website can do that, but you should know that we aren’t talking about a static website.

Website Aid In Online Space Security

A website secures your space. Even if you aren’t ready to own one, securing a domain name till you are ready is something that most people are likely to do.

With the advent of website domain names not being available, it is wise to secure a name for your website when you are ready.

Securing a domain name alone just doesn’t give people confidence, so they try to look for web designers like V3Design or you to design a professional-looking website on their domain name.


Most businesses that aren’t ready to build a website end up having one because of competition. Competition drives most businesses, which is why some would want to build one as soon as possible.

That’s why, as a web designer, you hear a client telling you things like: “How quickly can you design the website?”

Competition everywhere makes it possible for most web design businesses to move and not shut down. I guess as a web designer, you are also likely to fall victim to this too, because you compete with your fellow designers.

Since we have spent a little time talking about why people need websites, let’s take a brief look at how you get a website.

How to Get a Complete Website

Most of you reading this might be new to the whole web designing thing, so it’s OK if I lecture you a little about how the process goes.

The first step towards a fully functional website is

  1. Get a domain name
  2. Choose a platform.
  3. Choose a theme.
  4. Start customization
  5. Make your website design public.

The 5 above steps are just a simple breakdown of how you build a complete website.

Get a Domain Name

A domain name is just your house address online. In the real world, your house might be at #2 Bradford Lane (I didn’t even know where this was lol), but online, your domain name is where you stay.

Assume that the internet is a virtual world and that Google or your browser is the vehicle that transports you to your own home. For example, if you type in in your browser, your browser starts the vehicle.

After starting the vehicle, it starts driving on autopilot and passes through Google just to say hi, then your friend’s place, and finally stops over at your house.

Simple right? I guess that’s the only example coming to my mind right now, but it’s fine because you get the process.

Getting a domain name is very easy. You can do it by

  1. Go to Bluehost
  2. Search for the name you want.
  3. It was purchased by me.

If you are not OK with the process above, you can go through this link and visit Blue Host.

Bluehost is the most trusted domain name platform in our opinion. As our process is, we try all the platforms out and give you the best.

you could make a search using this domain search widget;

If you have come to trust us at this point, then you will know that Bluehost is worth trusting. So you can purchase a domain name with this link. Also, if you do, you will be keeping this blog running financially by helping us through our affiliate links.

Choose a platform

The next step you want to take is choosing a platform. You can choose Bluehost if you feel comfortable and design your website using platforms that include

  1. Wix
  2. Weebly
  3. Square space
  4. Website builder
  5. blogger
  6. Elemenor and WordPress
  7. Beaver Builder and WordPress
  8. WordPress and Divi.
  9. Website builder
  10. CSS and HTML
  11. Python, Lavarel, and PHP

There are a lot of website builders within Bluehost, but if you don’t find those attractive, you could try out Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, or even Blogger. Any of these platforms can get you through; you just have to be able to find your way through.

type of platforms
type of platforms

Start Customization

Once you decide on a platform that suits you, without wasting time, start building and customizing your website.

You can start by picking a theme or seeing the best themes for building any type of website and choosing the one that resonates with you.

Depending on the platform, choose the one that looks unique to whatever you are building. Don’t choose a theme customized for a music website and try to build a business website on it.

Just follow the uniqueness of the theme and continue from where the theme stops.

Make Your Design Public.

Once you are done with your customization, the next thing to do is to hit publish.

Wait, don’t do that unless you preview the website and you are satisfied with it. If you don’t feel your judgment is enough for you to publish, put it on our private Facebook group and share it with others.

Better yet, you can ask your friends, family, and neighbors how they feel about it, and once you get your confirmation, hit publish.

With everything in place, I feel it is time to let you know the type of website there is. Let me know which one you feel is easy to design in the comment box below.

Types Of Websites

  1. Movie websites
  2. construction websites
  3. Job websites
  4. Ecommerce websites
  5. News websites (blog)
  6. Tools websites
  7. App websites
  8. Download the websites/drive
  9. Education/learning websites
  10. Portfolio websites
  11. An art gallery/photography websites
  12. organization websites
  13. cooking/restaurant websites
  14. Foundation/orphanage websites
  15. Influencer/brand ambassador websites
  16. Tech websites
  17. Real estate websites

There are more that I can’t list or don’t recall right now, but I will surely update this post as soon as I recall. Note that some of them are classified under the same name or niche.

Examples include most websites, such as real estate and construction, which fall under the category of business websites, but they have different designs.

Quick Link; Basic introduction to website design


Now you have the idea of most of them, so you can choose one and be perfect in designing it rather than start with all.

Don’t forget to sign up for the five-day web design boot camp and get trained. Also, join the Facebook group, and let’s connect.

FAQ on Website Creation and Design

  1. What is the cost of this hosting platform?

Every platform has a different cost, but it should be between 12 and 30 dollars monthly or yearly, depending on which platform you consider using.

  1. How do I know the type of website people want?

You can follow up on their business and see for yourself, or just email them directly and tell them you offer design services if they ever need them.

Any other questions? Well, the comment box is wide open for you, but make sure your question hasn’t already been answered in this post.

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