7 Web Design Job Interview Questions

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If you are a web designer, you probably have heard of the web design job interview questions that tend to break some designers.

When most companies decide to hire you, they will like to know from you how far you have come and will blast you with interview questions relating to web design.

If you get it right, you might have a chance of getting a job; if not, you might lose it depending on the criteria set by the company.

A web design interview question tests both your mind and your technical skills. It tries to bring out the gaps in your experience in web design as proof of what you claim.

Most companies do this because it is mostly required. Without an interview, how will they know the kind of designer they are employing?

There are various ways you could stand out as a web designer that will show your professionalism even before you are questioned.

Such ways include standing up straight, looking directly at your interviewer and also making reference to your recent project and website.

Web Design Job Interview Questions
Web Design Job Interview Questions image

A great way to prepare for web design job interview questions is to practice all possible questions regarding it. We have compiled a list of them below that might interest you. It’s a good idea to go over them again and again until you’ve mastered them.

List of Web Design Job Interview Questions


  1. What is your biggest project?

This is commonly asked not only by companies but even by individuals who want to entrust their website to you.

It is not stupid if they ask questions like this. They want to be sure and have enough evidence to trust you.

A critical part of the web design business is being sure of the things you have done. Your biggest project gives your employer an advantage.

For example, a person who has once worked with Google as a lead web designer comes up to you to be interviewed (supposing you are in charge of the interview) and asks for a job, and another who just started out as a web designer.

Whom will you choose for the safety of your design company? Well, I know you might want to say it depends on why he left Google, but if he left because he wanted something different, what would be your pick?

Once this question is asked, pull out your laptop, go directly to your most amazing project, and blow the room with it.

  1. How do you get inspiration?

Inspiration and ideas are the big fish for many companies.

What you have to offer and what is in it for them is what they want to be aware of. Inspiration is another important part for most designers.

A company that asks such a question is one that wants to move forward. Only companies with a future would be interested in your ideas.

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At this point, this is where you wow the room with your favorite web design site, like websitekreator.com (lol),

Give them a website that is well known and consists of a community of web designers. Examples include Slack, Figma, and many more.

  1. How much do you think you are worth?

This is a tricky one. It is not really about what you are worth that they want to know, it is about how much you feel you are worth for the job.

If you give them an answer that is above their budget, you might never get a reply from them again, but if you give them something below, they become happy,

So how do you get over this question? Well, there is a simple answer to it and that is depending on

  1. The project I am going to be working on
  2. The number of tasks I complete daily.

With this, they will be forced to realize that you really understand what you are doing and might end up paying more.

  1. Do you have any knowledge of coding?

Most web designers don’t have basic coding knowledge. This is not totally true, as coding knowledge is necessary for your web design path.

You can be frank with this question. If your answer is simply yes, then tell them, yes, but if not, tell them likewise.

This will then determine the nature of the job that you will be given. Supposing you say yes and you are given a task related to coding, what would you do?

Just be frank with your answer when asked. However, make sure you get some basic HTML and CSS training here!

  1. Walk me through your recent project.

Another aspect that most employers will love to be aware of

This exact question should be one you are prepared for. Your ability to be able to communicate your recent project to a non-techie person explains your communication skills.

Sometimes what you are actually doing doesn’t really matter to companies because they really do not care. What you communicate and how you communicate it is what they care about.

If this web design question is asked of you, take your time to explain in detail the last project you worked on, if there is no immediate recent one. That helps answer the question.

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  1. Do you have a portfolio?

I guess we have spoken about this in our previous article.

A portfolio is very important as a web designer. It gives you an edge over your competitors.

People employ you based on what they think you have done. They don’t mind if you have done the biggest project in the world.

If they cannot see proof, you are just not ready. Everyone can claim to be a good designer. Everyone can claim a big project, but only those with proof will be employed.

Get a web design portfolio and make sure to make it unique. As you work in the interview, believe in yourself.

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