5 Skills To Acquire in Web Design

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Most web designers have some questions regarding skills to acquire in a web design, and in this post, we will answer them.

Everyone has a question regarding what they are into. Web design is not far from it. 

Web designers are faced with a lot of questions that range from interview questions to consultant questions.

Questions help clearly to unveil blurred parts or knowledge about something, and so in web design, you should have complete knowledge of the most pressing ones. What skills do you need for web design?

Although there are a lot of skills needed for web design, the most important ones are:
1. design skill
 2. writing skill
 3. color management
 4. font and layout structure, and
 5. basic coding skills.

if we are going to be breaking them into subcategories; 

  •      Design Skill

As a web designer, you need to be able to design properly to avoid ugly website design. Putting up a website on the internet isn’t enough in this century, but putting up a beautiful website is something worth trying. 
Design skills can be subdivided into having knowledge of tools like:

  1. Canva
  2. Adobe XD
  3. figma
  •      Writing Skill

If you want to sell out, you should be able to write about your skill Properly. Because the most  underrated skills for designers is writing

In my personal studies, I notice that websites with proper writing and storytelling do not perform better.
especially when it is a business website. I landed on a website homepage that I simply couldn’t tell what the website was about.

Proper writing skills make a huge difference in everything.


  •      Color Management

another good skill you could add to what you already have is color management.
As you can see, color is a good way to show professionalism. There is no superpower in it.

The color shows if it’s mature or childish. although most designers don’t agree with this, they tend to flow with it.

If you are visiting a website with bad color combinations, you might simply want to exit the website as quickly as possible.

Even when you aren’t totally aware, physiologically, your body tends to run away from it.

It pays well if you have good color management skills. In my previous blog post about how I made 3 to 8 figures designing websites, I made this clear.

  •     Font & Layout Structure

Fonts and layouts are what make up a website.
Font and layout are your skeletons, just like in humans.

keep you standing all the time. The font tells or shows the kind of writing there is, and the layout shows the structure.

So on a website, the bony framework is the layout (lol). If you have no idea about it, I would advise you to take a course on UDEMY to get proper guidance from a top website designer.

  •     Basic Coding Skill

Basic coding knowledge is a good start for every designer. you must not be a guru. just know the basics.

to be able to code a website from scratch? learn to code. Just
kidding, having a basic knowledge of coding gives you an edge over most WordPress web designers.
There are a lot of other web design skills you might need as you go forward in your web design career.
These are just a few necessary for your start-up.
Knowing HTML and CSS gives you more options when it comes to tweaking your site.
it helps manage shortcodes. HTML and CSS are extremely important; all you need to know is the fundamentals.

Keep in mind that as a web designer, your opportunities are endless.
I guess these are your first skill as a Web designer. If you find this post interesting, please share it with a web designer who needs it.

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