Website not Secure (Deceptive Site) | What Does it Mean & How to Fix

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So your website is showing that it is not secure and you are worried! This post is for you.

When your website stops showing the lock(padlock) on the top of your browser, this is something you need to be worried about.

It means it is not secure, and you need to fix this as soon as possible.

Website not Secure
Deceptive site ahead

What causes websites to be unsecure?

Your website might become unsecure if
1. Your SSl has expire
2. Your website has been reported
3. Some dangerous website has just linked back to you.
4. Your site has been marked for phising.

There are other causes that make websites to be unsecure but these are the major ones

Most time, it is popularly caused by backlinking especially if you are a top website.

Okay, that being said, let’s see what it means.

What does website unsecure means?

This is a straightforward one, When a website is not secure, it means that illegal activity has taken place on the website.

You will notice this by seeing that the padlock on your browser is showing a form of triangle shaped with red color.

If you are using a more secure browser, you will be told ‘deceptive site ahead’ ( this is when it is now paramount).

I guess you have come across some sites like that.
As a web designer, you should learn to fix it as soon as possible because that affects visitors a lot.

Once you notice that on your client’s website, you should try as much as fix it, okay let’s talk about how you can fix it.

Quick Help

How to fix website unsecure.

When your client’s website starts showing not secure, the first place you want to go to is your Cpanel.

Your Cpanel is where you need to try the first fix.
If you purchase a domain name from Bluehost or Namecheap, log into your Cpanel.

From your cpanel area, search for SSL. If you are using whogohost or qservers, you can re-issue SSL.

Then re-install SSL on the website.
That is the first way to fix it. The second method is

Make use of SSLs. this website help you fix your site security issue.

If your web host doesn’t give you ssl, you can purchase SSL from them. It works perfectly. is worth your time. The next thing you can do to fix this is to write to google.

If you go into your search console dashboard, you can write to google from there.

You can tell them about the website, and they will help you fix it( note, not completely, they will have to verify your proof that the site is not used for phishing).

This is how you can fix your website security issue.

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