When your Domain Name is Taken: Here are 5 Things to Do

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Domain names are disappearing quickly. Most people are finding it hard to purchase the domain name they desire. This is due to the fact that the domain name they intend to buy has already been taken.

What you do when your domain name is taken becomes the next thought that comes to mind. A lot of time, as a web designer I have gotten this same issue and below are the methods I use to solve them.

Why Your Domain Name Might Not Be Available

There are a thousand and one reasons why the domain name you choose might not be available but the major few include

  1. The Domain is Taken

This is the number one reason why a lot of names are not available online. Unless you buy the domain name from an expired domain, you might just have to be battling with this.

Sometimes, you take days and come up with a good domain name, when you are done with that, you visit a website like Bluehost to check if your domain name is available but no it is not.

When your Domain Name is Taken
Your domain name is taken, hahaha!

Funny enough, that domain name took you days to come up with. This is the major reason why people don’t get their choice of the domain name.

  • The Domain is too Expensive

When I was looking for a domain name for my real estate business, I decided to settle for a .com domain called pocketproperty.com, and guess how much that domain name cost?

If you guess in thousands, you are right. It cost me $3500 compared to a regular domain name of $10

  • The Domain is only allowed to be Registered by certain Bodies

Certain domains can only be registered by professional bodies and that is a major reason why you can’t get the domain name of your choice.

For example, if you use Qservers, you are more likely not to get a name with the word BANK in it unless you are a professional body.

What To Do When Your Domain Name is Taken

So you have decided on the domain name you want and you feel you are ready for your business but the name you choose is not available? Do this instead:

  • Look for Another Business Name

Sometimes names are the hardest part of a business. So when you decide to start a business, choose at least multiple names for it.

Just in case one is not available, you can always use the other one. The options around this are large and you can get more ideas from business name-generator websites.

  • Add some more Keywords to your Domain Idea

When you are stuck with the name you took time out to come up with and you don’t want to change anything about it, you can do this instead.

Add a keyword to it. For example, if you have a fashion business and come up with a business name like JARR and the name is already taken, you could use some more keywords like JARRFASHION and that can be a good game changer.

Little keywords can change the game for you and give you a fitting name.

  • Use Acronyms and Symbols

I guess we have all come across domain names that have symbols in them. If you haven’t, you need to pay more detailed attention to the websites you visit daily.

In this example, we will use the same JARR. Now suppose the name JARRFASHION is already taken too, you can make some little adjustments to it by adding a bar(-) sign to it.

That will then produce a totally new business name called JARR-FASHION.COM.

The game changer there is the symbol and that can help you regain your brand name.

  • Make the Name a bit Longer

Some business names are two or three words long for example, you have a name like peteranswer.com. which is a two-word domain name.

A three-word domain can be in form of this top website myyearlybook.com. people are more interested in how easy it is to spell and recall.

Also, the content of the website makes it more appealing and allows more users to find it. Do not be discouraged when your business name is not available.

  • Choose Another TDL

This is the last option and works best every time. I change of TDL makes it best. Examples of TDL could be your .com, .net, .co, .org, .info, or even .xyz these are all domain extensions that can help you change the game.

With our example above, if JARR.com is taken, you could try JARR.net, JARR.co, or even JARR.org.

They are all search engine friendly and can serve the same purpose. So do not get stuck trying to get what isn’t available.

You can get a top domain extension at a cheap price from this BlueHost link.

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Please note that most links on this page are affiliate links and you will be supporting us by using them.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask in the comment area and also drop your thought on this article if any.

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