Whogohost Domain Search – How to find the Perfect Domain

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Whogohost Domain Search? Looking for a web hosting company to purchase domain name? whogohost is the right choice for you.

Whogohost has been a leading domain name seller in Nigeria.

The trust review has been established over the years.

You can trust them for your searches and domain name registrar.

Let’s get to see some questions people ask before carrying out domain name searches on whogohost.

How do I buy a domain from WhoGoHost?

Whogohost is one of the best domain registration company in Nigeria,when it comes to strong domain whogohost got you covered.

Some people ask questions on how are they going to get or buy a domain name from whogohost, this is very simple just fellow the steps bellow.

  1. Come up with the domain name you want to buy
  2. Go to whogohost.com with this link to verify if it is available.
  3. Create an account if you don’t have one.
  4. complete all necessary registration
  5. check out with your domain name

How do I check if a domain is taken in whogohost?

Visit the whogohost website and input your required domain name.

 if it show up just know that the name has not been taken yet, but if I does not shows up then you will know that it has already been taken.

Also, if it has been taken, it will be stated by the side of the domain.

Whogohost domain search

How much is domain renewal ?

Domain                 Category                  Renewal
.net          All PopularRenewal                N10,900.00 1 Year
.biz          All PopularRenewal                N15,500.00 1 Year
.i.ng             All OtherRenewal                N1,200.00 1 Year
.com.ng             All OtherRenewal                N1,200.00 1 Year

Having any issue? Whogohost customer support is there for you

Just contact whogohost support team on live chat or through their email that shows on their pages

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How to find the perfect Domain on Whogohost

  1. come up with a good domain name
  2. search the domain name on whogohost
  3. scroll downward to see the perfect suggested domains for you
  4. pick one of the choice domain
  5. you could also do a research to ensure the domain name meet your demand.

The truth is, there is no perfect domain name out there. Just ensure you have a .com or .com.ng domain name and you are good to go.

I hope you found value out of this post. Please share it to someone that needs it. Lets us know your thought in the comment area below.

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